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Messy Desk’s Work On Display At New York’s Times Square

Messy Desk has achieved a major milestone in her career. Her work was recently featured on one of New York's iconic Times Square LED displays at Nasdaq MarketSite. The video showcased several of Hong Kong's cultural icons, including its public transport, food, and landmarks, in celebration of Hang Seng Bank's 90th anniversary. 

The artwork is a stunning representation of Hong Kong's cityscape, featuring Victoria Harbour, a Star Ferry, and a junk boat. It also portrays the city's skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island, depicted in various shades of green - the chosen theme for the anniversary celebrations. Messy Desk's trademark style of high-density landscapes, peppered with intricate details, tells a unique story in each scene. 

Overall, Messy Desk's work is a true testament to her talent and love for her hometown. Her artwork beautifully captures the essence of Hong Kong's culture and landmarks, making it a fitting tribute to Hang Seng Bank's 90th anniversary.

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